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Web Troubleshooting Experts
In business for over 20 years, we have plenty of experience tracking down problems with web sites, servers and their components. Whether you have WordPress problems, server/hosting issues, PHP errors, Javascript errors, issues with email going to spam or issues with your server, we can deliver rapid solutions at affordable prices. Give us a call at 530-392-8798 or click here.

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Give a call and we can discuss project costs, how to achieve your website goals or how we can handle any issues or problems you may be having with your present site. You can also send an email to info@1designdevelopment.com.

Things we commonly troubleshoot and fix

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Why Hire Us?

Technical Know-How

Our training, experience and programming skills enable us to find the best solutions for your WordPress project. And that means we do things the right way.


Our #1 priority is to get your project done on time and on budget. While we work to do that, we also stay in touch with you for questions and discussion.


As professional developers we aim to exceed our clients expectations, give our honest opinions, and maintain good communication with our clients.

USA Based

We're located in California and are time compatible with our customers in the USA. We do not outsource - our in-house developers do all the work.

We Know WordPress

As longtime WordPress developers, we have a great amount of experience working with plugins, upgrades, templates, troubleshooting and maintenance. And that gives us the expertise needed to easily handle your WordPress project. All our work is done in-house using the latest technologies. See our About Us page.

Who Uses WordPress?

According to codeinwp.com, WordPress runs 34% of the world’s websites.  It is used on both small sites and large, major sites like Time Inc. See this link for sites using WordPress. WordPress is free, open source software which is regularly updated for security and improvements.


"I’ve depended on One Design Development for a wide range of projects over the last decade. And also turned to them to jump in to help where other techs have fallen short. Always a pleasure working with them – professional, timely, seasoned, creative. I couldn’t ask for more."
Anna Polishuk
Chameleon Associates

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