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We handle the regular WordPress, plugin and security updates that your site needs in order to keep it up-to-date, secure and running properly. Our WordPress maintenance plans also include regular cloud backups. And, if you're having problems on your site, we can rapidly troubleshoot and handle plugin and other WordPress related issues. Contact us for your WordPress maintenance needs - call 530-392-8798. We offer affordable pricing and have a reputation for excellent reliability and customer service. We have been in business since 1996 and all our work is done by in-house WordPress experts. See our plans below.

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Our WordPress Maintenance Plans & Costs

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans & Costs

Note: In order to test plugin and version updates, a duplicate staging site is necessary. There may be an extra setup charge if your site has no existing staging site. Contact us for site specific information.
Additional WordPress Maintenance Services - Contact us for more information
  • WordPress Installation and Setup
  • Custom Plugins
  • WooCommerce and other plugin customizations
  • Theme Customizations
  • Page load speed optimization
  • Content updates

Why Hire Us For Your WordPress Maintenance?

Technical Know-How

Our training, experience and programming skills enable us to find the best solutions for your WordPress project. And that means we do things the right way.


Our #1 priority is to get your project done on time and on budget. While we work to do that, we also stay in touch with you for questions and discussion.


As professional developers we aim to exceed our clients expectations, give our honest opinions, and maintain good communication with our clients.

USA Based

We're located in California and are time compatible with our customers in the USA. We do not outsource - our in-house developers do all the work.

"I’ve depended on One Design Development for a wide range of projects over the last decade. And also turned to them to jump in to help where other techs have fallen short. Always a pleasure working with them – professional, timely, seasoned, creative. I couldn’t ask for more."
Anna Polishuk
Chameleon Associates

We Know WordPress

As longtime WordPress developers, we have a great amount of experience working with plugins, upgrades, templates, troubleshooting and maintenance. And that gives us the expertise needed to easily handle your WordPress project. All our work is done in-house using the latest technologies. See our About Us page.

Who Uses WordPress?

According to, WordPress runs 34% of the world’s websites.  It is used on both small sites and large, major sites like Time Inc. See this link for sites using WordPress. WordPress is free, open source software which is regularly updated for security and improvements.


Why WordPress?

  • According to, WordPress runs 34% of the world’s websites. Plus, sites both large and small use WordPress - major sites like Time Inc. See this link for sites that use WordPress.
  • WordPress is free, open source software and regular updates keep it secure and constantly improved.
  • It can be adapted for unlimited uses. Originally used for blogging and online publishing WordPress is now also used for eCommerce, portfolios, membership sites and many other purposes.
  • WordPress is easy to use. Therefore, site administrators do not need a lot of technical knowledge in order to manage the site - a few basics are all that is essential.
  • The site design/layout is easily set with third-party themes which install quickly on WordPress. Additionally, most third-party themes allow for design customization and personalization.
  • Plugins enable WordPress to do things like eCommerce, surveys and contact forms. They add to the core, out-of-the-box WordPress functions.
  • Thousands of custom plugins are available. But if no existing plugin fits your purposes, we can create custom plugins to fit the need.
  • WordPress is set up to help with search engine visibility. And, while there is a lot more to get a high listing on searches, WordPress is a good place to start.
  • WordPress sites display well on both desktop and mobile views. Mobile views help with Google ranking and are essential on smaller devices.
  • We not only develop in WordPress for our clients, we use it too. This site is a WordPress site.
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