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Laravel is a powerful PHP programming framework, providing the tools needed to create complex web projects. With thousands of developers worldwide, it is one of the most popular PHP frameworks - particularly for larger, more involved projects. It provides easy-to-use solutions for the common tasks found in web projects and ensures a unified and secure architecture for your web project.  Most importantly, projects created with Laravel are sure to have the tested and trusted core components necesarry for a intelligently build and well functioning application. And, Laravel's large community of developers provide important technical support and programming libraries that extend Lavarel's capabilities. We have worked extensively with Laravel over the last four years - most notably and recently on 

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Laravel's advantages

Laravel Developers
  • A full development environment which streamlines and speeds the overall development process and results in less work for the developers which then reduces the overall development cost
  • Coding functions that eliminate the need to 'reinvent the wheel'
  • A templating system that allows for creating beautiful, responsive pages
  • Built-in user authentication for both websites and apps
  • Built-in code security features protect against threats and vulnerabilities
  • Integration with many third-party libraries including Stripe payments, Nexmo SMS, MailGun and numerous others
  • Laravel is designed for fast page and data loads
    Multi-language support
  • Developers can also create and integrate APIs with Laravel for use with Android and iOS apps
  • Laravel allows for automated testing out-of-the-box in order to ensure programming performance
  • Laravel makes task scheduling, like automated notifications, easy with its command scheduler

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