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Our in-house WordPress designers and developers have the expertise and experience to easily handle all your WordPress services needs. We provide WordPress troubleshooting, eCommerce, installation, theme modifications, custom plugins and regular maintenance.

We are also expert at configuring and customizing WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and Yoast SEO. And, if you need specialized, unique features for your site, our WordPress developers will create customized functions and plugins for your site. We strive to deliver the best solution for both your budget and project - at affordable prices.


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Our WordPress Services Include...

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We Know WordPress

As longtime and reliable WordPress developers, we have a great amount of experience working with plugins, upgrades, templates, troubleshooting and maintenance. And that gives us the expertise needed to easily handle your WordPress services. All our work is done in-house using the latest technologies. See our About Us page.

Who Uses WordPress?

According to, WordPress runs 34% of the world’s websites.  It is used on both small sites and large, major sites like Time Inc. See this link for sites using WordPress. WordPress is free, open source software which is regularly updated for security and improvements.

"I’ve depended on One Design Development for a wide range of projects over the last decade. And also turned to them to jump in to help where other techs have fallen short. Always a pleasure working with them – professional, timely, seasoned, creative. I couldn’t ask for more."
Anna Polishuk
Chameleon Associates

Why WordPress?

WordPress Developers
  • WordPress can be adapted for unlimited uses. Originally, it was used for blogging and online publishing but it is now also used for eCommerce, portfolios, membership sites and in many more ways. WordPress is not right for every web project but it is the best choice for many.
  • WordPress is easy to use. Site administrators do not need a lot of technical knowledge in order to manage the site. A few basics are all that is essential.
  • The site design/layout can easily be set with third-party themes which can be quickly installed on WordPress. Most third-party themes allow for design customization for an individual look.
  • Thousands of custom plugins are available and we, as WordPress developers, can program custom plugins if no existing plugin will do what is need for your site. Plugins enable WordPress to do things like eCommerce, surveys and contact forms.
  • WordPress is set up to help with search engine visibility. There is a lot more to getting your site listed high up on searches but WordPress is a good place to start.
  • WordPress sites display well on both desktop and mobile views. Mobile views help with Google ranking and are essential on smaller devices.
  • We not only develop in WordPress for our clients, we use it too. This site is a WordPress site.

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