Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems, or CMS, allow you to add, edit and delete the information that appears on your site. Whether that information is textual content, product information, or anything else, can install a pre-existing CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, or, we can create a customized Content Management System to fit your needs.

CMS Benefits

  • Owners and employees can update the site themselves without the need of a professional web designer
  • Direct content access and modification
  • Fast updates of web pages

WordPress and Joomla

Both Joolma and WordPress offer a similar basic set of general features – a template framework, numerous plugins that add can functions like e-commerce, a large support community, and ease and speed when making changes to the site. Joomla and WordPress also have differences which can make one or the other more suitable to a particular project. Our job is to evaluate which will work best for your project. Call us at (530) 392-8798 to discuss your needs.

WordPress Advantages

  • User friendly
  • Easier version upgrades

Joomla Advantages

  • More robust feature set
  • Greater number of pre-existing template offering greater layout choices